Talcual Films. Los Angeles, CA
Founder and manager of independent film company based in Spain and the United States.
For more information visit Talcual Films.

Director /Producer/ Writer/ Camera
El Abrazo S16mm/HD/90min./documentary in development. Los Angeles, CA
El Abrazo tells the story of same-sex tango dancers in Buenos Aires, Berlin and New York City as they find themselves and each other through the tango embrace. This cross-cultural film follows Leo and Walter, Helen La Vikinga and Ute and Marge as they push the boundaries of this traditional dance. The cities themselves become characters as queer rights unfold in each city. In production.

Homecoming HD/40min./documentary in development. Talcual Films, Los Angeles CA
Homecoming tells the story of Amelia Borofsky, the daughter of an anthropologist, who grew up on the remote South Pacific atoll of Pukapuka. The film follows her return to this atoll thirty years later as she reconnects with her father’s informants and the Pukapukan family that helped raise her. The film explores the meaning of home and how we carry our home with us throughout our lives. It also sheds light on issues of race, isolation and homecoming.  In development.

Trailer Talk HD/17mim./documentary. Talcual Films, Los Angeles CA
This short film follows Sabrina Artel and her work with Trailer Talk a new form of radio journalism and storytelling, a live performance, a community event and a public radio conversation that happens in and around a 1965 BeeLine travel trailer. In postproduction.

Director /Producer/Executive Producer/ Writer                        
Ella Es El Matador S16mm/DV/62min/documentary. Talcual Films San Francisco, CA
Co-written, co-directed and co-produced with Celeste Carrasco.
A feature length documentary about two female matadors face not only the fierce bull but also must fight against decades of legal prohibition and prejudice in pursuit of their dream.

Consulting Producer                                                                                  
The Price of Sex/ 72 min./documentary. Mimi Chakarova, Berkeley CA
A feature length documentary that narrates the experiences of young Eastern European women who are forced into the world of sex slavery and human trafficking.

Consulting Producer                                                    
Iconoclastas/ HD/ 45min/Documentary Series. Fremantle Media Latin America
Work for Fremantle Media in the production of  Iconoclastas, the Latin American and Spanish version of the Sundance Channel documentary series titled Iconoclast.

Consulting Producer                                                                                  
Dark Swan/ Adiós Amor/ 40 min./documentary. Laurie Coyle, San Francisco CA
Consulting producer on Dark Swan and Adiós Amor directed by Laurie Coyle.

Executive Producer/Producer                                                                   
What’s Under Your Hat? DV/75min/ documentary. Alicia Produce, Madrid, Spain
Produced by Julio Medem and directed by Lola Barrera and Iñaki Peñafiel.
The film traces the life of Judith Scott, a deaf 62-year old woman with Down Syndrome who became an internationally collected and critically-acclaimed sculptor after 36 years of incarceration in a mental institution.

Executive Producer/Line Producer                                                
One Percent – Schizophrenia DV/75min/documentary. Alicia Produce, Madrid, Spain
Directed and produced by Julio Medem and Ione Hernández. The film reveals the dark landscape of Schizophrenia, which impacts the lives of more than 52 million people in the world.

Associate Producer/Researcher                                                     
Señorita Extraviada S-16mm/DV/74min/documentary. Xochitl Films, San Francisco, CA
Señorita Extraviada tells the story of the more than 350 kidnapped, raped and murdered young women of Juárez, Mexico.
Development Director                                                                                 
The Women’s Building, San Francisco, California.
Helped raise $5.9 million for the Reinforce the Dream capital campaign to renovate the Women’s Building. Fundraised through individual donors, federal, state and private institutions and foundations.  Coordinated the Leadership Committee, worked with the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.


  • Bilingual Producer (Spanish-English)/Line Producer/Executive Producer 
  • Develop and manage projects from pre-production through post-production.
  • Scout locations and coordinate shoots in the United States, Europe, Latin America.
  • Plan and manage budgets.
  • Conduct investigative research, access subjects and interview.
  • Camera operator (Sony EX1) and editor (Final Cut)
  • Locate and clear archival and music rights.
  • Hire  and supervise editing and postproduction team.
  • Access to talented and trustworthy professionals.
  • Plan and develop festival and distribution strategies.
  • Know how to use WordPress sites and Social Media platforms.


  • Research and identify private US foundations, corporations and individual donors.
  • Identify strategies to coproduce and access funding in the European Market.
  • Cultivate and manage tactful and professional relationships with donors.
  • Write proposals and budgets tailored to specific funding.
  • Plan and implement fundraising events, house parties and screenings.
  • Write grant reports and fulfilling deliverables.


  • MA Specialized Journalism (The Arts) University of Southern California Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism.  Awarded Annenberg Fellowship.
  • Video Production, Camera Techniques & Lighting. Bay Area Video Coalition.
  • Editing. Final Cut Pro Studio 7. Bay Area Video Coalition.
  • Producing Independent Films, UC Berkeley; Interviewing Techniques for Documentary, & Producing and Distributing Films, Film Arts Foundation.
  • Graduate Degree in Equine Assisted Therapy, School of Medicine University of  Madrid, Spain; Horse Riding Instructor, Level I – Federación Hípica de Madrid, Spain.; B. A., Journalism – Minors in Women’s Studies and English Literature, Cum Laude, Elon University North Carolina, 1995.
  • Black Belt in Karate.


  • Panelist for Latino Public Broadcasting Open Call & Pacific Pioneer Fund.
  • Panelist on Transcending Gender Roles & Film Distribution and Other Potential Revenue Streams at the III Dominican Republic Global Film Festival.
  • Mentor at National Association for Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) three-day-workshop Doing your Doc: Diverse Visions, Regional Voices
  • Invited filmmaker to teach at Stephen College as part of the Citizen Jane Lecture Series in Columbia, Missouri.
  • Taught Master Class at Círculo de Bellas Artes during the Universidad Carlos III Summer Course Cineastas en Femenino Plural in Madrid, Spain.
  • Invited filmmaker to the New York Women In Film and Television Series Women Calling the Shots.
  • Participated in the Tribeca Film Institute program called The Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts: The Moving Image, an in-school artist in residency program taking place in the New York public school system.

 References Available Upon Request


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