“Tenacity, honesty and creativity. Three fundamental qualities that Gemma Cubero brings to every job. To film with Gemma is the guarantee of being able to realize the impossible. And she does not rest until she has obtained this. She always has a plan B.”

Celeste Carrasco
Director, Producer, DP

“Gemma Cubero is an amazing filmmaker and fundraiser! I watched with admiration as she managed to find funding in the most unexpected places for her film Ella Es El Matador (not an easy sell!). I would recommend her to any filmmaker.”

Debra Zimmerman
Executive Director
Women Make Movies

“P.O.V. had the pleasure of working closely with Gemma Cubero to present that national US broadcast of her extraordinary documentary Ella Es El Matador on PBS. The film is a powerful showcase of Gemma and Celeste’s artistic vision tackling complex social issues through creative storytelling coupled with an exquisite visual aesthetic. Audiences were enthralled, with many so moved that they wrote to compliment the film and debate the issues. Gemma partnered with POV to lead a successful community engagement campaign and to develop educational materials and other resources, so that audiences had the tools to go beyond the broadcast and fully engage with the themes in the film. Gemma is an artist with an inspiring vision. She has a passionate drive to tell the stories that are not being told elsewhere and is one of the most exciting talents to emerge in the documentary world in recent years.”

Simon Kilmurry
Executive Director, Executive Producer
American Documentary | POV

“Gemma is living proof that diligence, kindness and passion for worthy storytelling aren’t extinct. I would hire her again on ANY project that I undertake — this is how confident I am of her talents and good nature.”

Mimi Chakarova
Director, Producer, Photographer
UC Berkeley School of Journalism

“Gemma brings the best of both worlds to her production work: she is savvy, meticulous and resourceful, while her graciousness and warmth put everyone at ease behind and in front of the camera. If you are fortunate to have her on your team, her many gifts will elevate the project and the work of everyone involved in it.”

Laurie Coyle
Director, Producer, Writer


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