For USC Annenberg

The following short films and webisodes were made as part of Gemma Cubero’s participation in the M.A. in Specialized Journalism Program (The Arts) at the University of Southern California. More. 

WEBISODES MADE FOR  CoLAb Take Back The Street Website 

Sabrina Artel’s Trailer Talk
Sabrina talks about her project Trailer Talk. Big conversations from a little trailer. Stories from America’s traveling kitchen table converge as she invites civic discourse in the front yard of our streets. Sabrina’s Trailer Talk is a live performance, a community event and a public radio conversation that happens in and around a 1965 BeeLine travel trailer.
Webisode produced, directed, shot and edited by Gemma Cubero.

Love Songs At The Kitchen Table
Fortino Hernández, Oaxacan Singer joins Sabrina at the traveling kitchen Table of Trailer Talk. Gemma films Fortino’s particpation with Trailer Talk. He sang traditional Mexican songs, shared some Mariachi, Mexicana Romantico and Flamenco music. The gorgeous sounds reached Ventura Boulevard through the trailer’s speakers. Trailer Talk Event, Jasmine Blue Flowers Parking Lot Sherman Oaks, CA. March 30, 2012.
Webisode produced, directed, shot and edited by Gemma Cubero.


David Kipen – A Passion for Books

David Kipen made it to the to top of the book world as the Director of Literature at the National Endownment for the Arts.  After years of promoting his passion for reading through the Big Read, Kipen moves back home to East LA. Leaving Washington D.C. for Boyle Heights, Kipen reinvents himself as the founder of Libros Schmibros, a neighborhood lending library that unites the Jewish and Latino communities through literacy. Produced, directed, shot and edited by Gemma Cubero.

Boyle Heights/Book Justice 

A short film by Dan Carino and Gemma Cubero


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