In Collaboration

Production, Consulting Production, and Research Collaborations: 

The Price of Sex
Directed and produced by Mimi Chakarova
A feature length documentary that narrates the experiences of young Eastern European women who are forced into the world of sex slavery and human trafficking. Consulting producer for fundraising and outreach strategies.

Adiós Amor
Directed and produced by Laurie Coyle
A documentary film about the search of pioneer migrant farmworker María Moreno.

Produced by Fremantle Media Latin America for Canal Infinito
Iconoclastas is the Latin American/ Spanish version of the Sundance Channel documentary series known as Iconoclast.

What’s Under Your Hat?  / Qué Tienes Debajo del Sombrero?
Directed by Lola Barrera and Iñaki Peñafiel and produced by Alicia Produce.
This feature length film traces the life of Judith Scott, a deaf 62-year old woman with Down Syndrome who became an internationally collected and critically-acclaimed sculptor after 36 years of incarceration in a mental institution.

One Percent – Schizophrenia / Uno Por Ciento – Esquizofrenia
Directed and produced by Julio Medem and Ione Hernández.
This documentary reveals the dark landscape of Schizophrenia, which impacts the lives of more than 52 million people in the world.                                   

Señorita Extraviada 
Directed and produced by Lourdes Portillo.
This documentary tells the story of the more than 350 kidnapped, raped and murdered young women of Juárez, Mexico.


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